Art – Artist Statement

Blessed with the gift of five senses, humans are predominantly visual processors. This is evident in language, when we say we are going to “see” a musician perform, or when an audience member passes by a bandstand and snaps a still photograph to capture a memory of an auditory event. How strange.

Admittedly, the dominance of sight over sound can be a tad frustrating to a musician. As a composer, I live in a beautiful auditory world. But people often don’t “get” what I do because they can’t see it.

So – just for fun – I decided to challenge myself
to realize some artistic expressions
in the visual modality.

In this gallery you will find a range of expression, from whimsical and playful to more serious gestures.

Please explore the images and hear with your eyes.

Acrylic   Digital
Fabric Installations Photography
Religious Sculpture Wood Carving