The jK Trio

~ The jK Trio ~

Lively Cocktail Jazz / Elegant Dinner Music

Musique d’ambiance

The jK Trio provides live background music designed to elevate the atmosphere of your special occasion. Drawing from a tastefully curated repertoire of jazz standards, we play timeless classics ranging from lively bebop and swing to romantic ballads, selected to set just the right mood for cocktail and dinner receptions. Our unique instrumentation (electric mandolin, jazz guitar, bass) creates a distinctive blend of sound that is warm, nostalgic, sophisticated – with a presence that is conversation-friendly. Musicians are seasoned professionals with an affinity for reading the moment and adapting the vibe. The jK Trio offers an exceptional auditory experience that will long echo in the hearts of your guests.

James Kellaris – Mandolin, Christopher Hubbard – Guitar, Michael Kremer – Bass

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James Kellaris

+1 (513) 379-0564